The Magic Ring

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Well, finally you do not have to worry about learning it anymore. I get that some crocheters have trouble holding the loop to make the magic ring. Tension can be an issue and making sure it stays closed and never comes undone.

How to Crochet the Magic Ring - Knot Bad

If you need to know how to weave in your ends such that they stay hidden, you should check out my tutorial where I share some tips and tricks that I use all the time. Furthermore, once you know how to crochet the magic ring or the alternative magic ring, you are finally ready for more.

I put together a complete tutorial on how to crochet the perfect beanie or hat. First, if you prefer a video tutorial, make sure you scroll down to show you a more visual version of these pictures.


Then slip stitching into the first chain to make a loop. But read further to see the magic happen. Next, crochet the amount of stitches needed for your pattern.


Once you finished added your stitches, slip stitch to the first stitch. Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. Advertisement Hide.

Front Matter Pages i-xxvii. Front Matter Pages Pages The Ring.

But how did Dr. Witt explain the magic?

Questions Consider an arc vibrating symmetrically about a pivot Fig. Let R be the radius of curvature of the arc, and be the angle between the symmetry axis of the arc and the direction of gravity.

How to Work in a Magic Ring

Prove that, for arcs of any length with the same R , changes at the same frequency when the arcs oscillate. What factors would affect the frequency of change of? Answer Firstly, we decompose the magic ring into many pairs of point masses, and consider the pair A and A' , which are point masses each of mass m and symmetric about OO'.