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Your Strategy

We all know how difficult it is for your people to get time with buyers these days, so when they get these opportunities, it is essential that your people make the most of them. This data suggests a significant opportunity for selling organizations to improve the quality of these interactions.

Effective customer interaction starts with pre-call planning and preparation. Prepared sellers have a better chance of getting the information and commitments they need to create, qualify, and advance opportunities. I have pulled together a comprehensive checklist of potential activities and sources for your salespeople to consider. How you prepare really depends on your objectives.

90-Second Pre Call Planning: A Simple Process for Cold Calling Success

The mainstreaming of social media in sales a. While preparation is extremely important, there are diminishing returns on certain activities. Preparation is a process, and like all processes, you will benefit by defining the process, training to the process, and continuously improving the process. I encourage you to use the list below as a starting point and edit this list based on your selling situation and your call objectives. You may need to iterate through and validate your response to these questions as you uncover more information through the preparation process.

Focus some of your preparation on creating relevance. Staying current on industry trends should be a continuous process. It is always better to relate to your buyer on a personal level.

We live in a world of information overload, spam email, and automated messaging. Mass messaging falls on deaf ears. The more you know about their company, the more interested they will be in what you have to say. This kind of research can almost always be done with freely available content.

Their products and pricing will almost certainly be available on their website, for instance. If the company is public, these reports can provide you with a treasure trove of details about their market dynamics, competitive pressures, upcoming initiatives and much, much more. This puts you miles ahead of your less thoughtful competitors. The last thing you want to do on a sales call is stumble over the details. This can be as simple as spending a few moments reading over the details to yourself, practicing any tricky names or explaining any complex products.

For more complex calls with higher-stakes prospects, everyone who has a speaking part on the call should be involved in the dry run, with the salesperson playing the role of Master of Ceremonies. Ideally, a sales manager or other executive will also be on hand to provide feedback or play the role of the customer. This is the step where all of your sales skills come into play, and where all the benefits of your research will pay off.

Immediately after the call, you should spend a few moments dissecting how it went.

Professional preparation for your upcoming sales calls

Were there any unexpected questions? Sales professionals frequently have a very important sales call that requires a good deal of preparation. In this video, I offer some tips for sales call preparation that will help you confidently complete that really big sales call. Making sales calls can be very stressful and often unsuccessful if you do any sales call preparation.

By preparing for these big calls you will feel more confident and be far more likely to have a successful sales call. Tagged as: how to prep for a big sales call , how to prepare for a sales call , sales call , sales call prep , sales call preparation , sales call preparations. Previous post: Email Templates for Sales — Episode Prepare some well-researched key questions and try to ask a lot of questions to get to know that person, rather than just talking about your business.

Look for clients that fit with that customer and send these related case studies to that client.