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But when his brother turns into a zombie, Lewis is determined to help him become un-undead - and to avoid being bitten Bestsellers in Graphic Novels. The Storey Treehouse Andy Griffiths. Add to basket. Beano Annual Guts Raina Telgemeier. Watchmen Alan Moore. Dog Man: Fetch Dav Pilkey. The Dandy Annual Sisters Raina Telgemeier. Ghosts Raina Telgemeier. Pumpkinheads Rainbow Rowell. Dog Man 2- Unleashed Dav Pilkey. Asterix: Omnibus 1 Rene Goscinny. Teen Titans: Raven Kami Garcia.

The Red Sea Sharks Herge. Nimona Noelle Stevenson. Into the Night to Save the Day! The Tintin Collection Herge. Drama Raina Telgemeier. Even after Soap got out of prison, when it was much too late, he still dreamed about escaping from prison. If he reached out just one hand, he could untie her bikini top.

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It would just fall off. Her parents took her to France for this bicycle tour. This trip is some kind of bonus. Like, her father sold a bunch of water filters and so now everyone has to go to France and build their own bicycles. In Marseilles. If they could have, they would have left her at home. Shit, would I love to see her try and ride a bike in France. I hate her. We were going to have this party and then she said I should go ahead and have it without her.

He goes in and takes a piss. He flushes and when he goes to wash his hands, he sees that the people who own this house have put some chunk of fancy soap beside the sink. He sniffs the soap. Then he opens up the door. Carly is standing there talking to some Asian girl wearing a strapless dress with little shiny fake plastic flowers all over it. Will wonders who the dress belongs to, and why this girl would want to wear an ugly dress like that, anyway. He holds out the soap. He marches back into the bathroom and opens up the window.


Jenny never came to see Mike in prison. Soap felt bad about this. Becka was an actress-waitress who had once been in a low-budget zombie movie. Becka was almost good looking enough to be on a reality dating show, but not funny looking or sad enough to be on one of the makeover shows. Becka was always giving notice. So then their mom would buy Becka a round-trip ticket to go visit Soap. Becka might have been average in L.

Guys kept asking Soap when they were going to see his sister on TV.

It was called Float. Becka and Soap called it Wash Your Mouth. The boutique sold soaps and shampoos, nothing else.

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The soaps and shampoos were supposed to smell like food. What the soaps really smelled like were those candles that were supposed to smell like food, but which smelled instead like those air fresheners which hang from the rearview mirrors in taxis or stolen cars. Like looking behind you smells like strawberries. Once when they were in high school, Soap and Becka had bought a urinal cake. It smelled like peppermint. Told her it was a pumice soap for exfoliating feet. Soap liked soap that smelled like soap.

His mom was always sending care packages of soaps that smelled like olive oil and neroli and peppermint and brown sugar and cucumber and martinis and toasted marshmallow.

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If you put a bar of soap in a sock, you could hit somebody over the head with it. You could clobber somebody. But Becka made an arrangement with the guards in the visiting room, and the guards in the visiting room made an arrangement with the guards in charge of the mailroom. Whoever wanted them. Sometimes he asked and she brought it with her when she came to visit. Carly takes Will into a bedroom. There are dresses on the floor. You want another beer?

He waits until she leaves the room and then he calls his dad. No picture on the box. Or maybe binturongs. About how I could come visit you sometime? Get out of that fucking country while you still can. Come visit your old dad. We could do father-son stuff. Go bungee jumping. The girl in the plastic flower dress marches into the bedroom.

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She takes the dress off and drops it on the bed. She goes into the closet and comes out again holding a dress made out of black and purple feathers. It looks like something a dancer in Las Vegas might wear when she got off work. Do you ever worry about zombies?