Mémoires dune dame de cour dans la Cité interdite (Picquier poche) (French Edition)

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Children's Comedy Crime Documentary Drama. Music Musical Mystery Romance Sci-fi. Browse Today. This is my taller footed porcelain cup that has the fluted edge which seems to hold and concentrate aroma better for me. The tea has those honeyed overtones with deeper dark bitter cocoa and an edge of something rather burnt-toasty or grain-like as well as a subtle hint of floral. This is pretty comparable to what I was finding in the autumn of when I first encountered this tea.

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There is, perhaps, almost a dark plum-like note in the taste as well as a light touch of iron-edged earth. The floral experience is quite subtle in the tea liquor itself but also comes into that in-drawn breath after you've swallowed the tea. The aftertaste of the tea does linger on a bit.

The "perhaps" fruity plum-like note in this tea is muted compared to the very distinct plum note I find in Imperial Tea Court's Hong Mei Mao Feng from Zheijiang province. I've not gone cup-to-cup yet on these two teas. But I have a feeling that if I could choose only one, my choice would be the more dramatic and concentrated plum-like presentation of the Hong Mei Mao Feng.

Posted by anodyne at AM No comments:. Posted by corax at PM No comments:. Giving it another go here, with a sample courtesy of a friend purchased January , I find I am still not much moved by this tea.

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  • It yields a cup with pleasant enough aroma—perhaps a hint of milk chocolate sweetness? The cup itself moves toward a pungent edge of earth with those iron metallic notes I find not as pleasing as some of the more mellow rounded China black red teas. But it can also be muddy actually clings to the palate , cellar-musty, or even metallic. The latter is what I find in this particular tea, and it just sits more harshly in my interior than other China black red teas.

    Not unpleasant. Just not particularly interesting to me. It has a definite edge of astringency. Too bad the sweetness of that expanding aroma still gaining spicy notes isn't in the cup itself. This just doesn't do it for me. Posted by anodyne at AM 2 comments:. As noted, I found that this tea changed radically in January from the profile it had retained during much of The woody character is one part of the Woodwose equation, but it has to go up against a sweet dark forest honey-molasses sweetness and a certain depth of other flavors.

    The November sample is an odd tea in that it expresses the woody note quite dominantly perhaps too much so. There is definitely a level of sweetness. And yet this particular sample doesn't fill in with the depth and bass notes I've previously associated with this tea. It almost tastes oolong-y in some ways, like a highly oxidized oolong. There's a sense of something fruity going on and a hint of a wheat-grain note, perhaps even a hint of malt. When the tea cools down, there is more an impression of wheat-grain than malt. This tea inches a bit toward Woodwose but then fizzles out and loses some characteristics that need to balance out in the cup.

    There is quite a full aroma and even some dark molasses-like sweetness. What seems so odd is the way the body just drops out of it, even while it retains an aftertaste that lingers a bit. Instead, they offer an even pricier Yunnan Gold Black which I have not tried. Its description is "honey and earth tones.

    Le pavé littérature : acquisitions 2011

    Posted by anodyne at PM 2 comments:. Anodyne on Yangxian Hong. Prerequisite reading for the following tasting notes is corax on yangxian hong , posted March 3, , in which he gives in-depth information about these teas. I have prepared the teas rather differently from corax. In my case I brewed each tea with 2. I chose this particular cup as it has a way of catching and holding onto aroma better than some of my other cups. It has a narrower base and more fluted mouth that somehow really helps concentrate aromas nicely.

    Alternate brewing methods are indicated as well. This is not as pronounced as full floral but a more muted floral. Think of how smelling a bud differs from the actual flower in bloom. It can smell almost more fresh and green than floral, yet with a hint of what is to come. As the tea steeps minutes, it develops that familiar light toasted grain note. Once the leaf is removed, the liquor retains a subtle honeyed sweetness in scent. As the tea cools slightly, the honey sweetness fills in with some spicy notes. The mellow toasted grain fills in the background of the taste and some of the honeyed sweetness lingers briefly.

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    As I brewed it today, this cup stays quite mellow with a refined rather than a rustic character. The aromas are heavier and a tad more earthbound. There is a sweetness to the scent. It is not the pungent honey sweetness but a sweetness I associate with grains think of those tiny toasted wheat puffs.

    Once the leaf is removed, this tea has a heavier and thicker scent than 1 with more emphasis on the bass. There is just a hint of that slightly woody note I find in some of the China black red teas. As the tea cools slightly, the aroma deepens even more and the sweetness does become lightly honeyed.

    If 1 was a lighter floral clear honey, this tea is more like a darker and more opaque Forest Honey with hint of molasses and tree bark, malts and grains. With this brewing, the cup remains quite smooth and mellow. This tea registers as a thicker and darker flavor than 1 which had the honey and hint of floral dominating.

    The heavier toasted grain lingers into the finish with just a hint of the woody-bark sweetness. This tea has a more rustic though still mellow balance of flavor and aroma than 1. Alternate brewing of 4 grams per 6 ounces water boiling and a 3 minute steep in porcelain cup: The aroma comes up with an immediate sweetness that is reminiscent of a darker honey set against the smooth and mellow note toasty-grains and slightly woody note.

    It is still quite mellow and smooth with a touch of an iron note in the finish not metallic or harsh at all that goes up against the grain and light note of a darker honey. This brewing, for me, brought forward more distinct aromatics and heightened that hint of Forest Honey. There is no honeyed sweetness, just the sweetness of toasted grains and, perhaps, a subtle hint of milk chocolate. Once the leaf is removed, the aroma falls somewhere between 1 and 2.

    This range of sweetness is more associated with toasted grain and a hint of chocolate. Again, we have a very mellow cup with the sweet grainy taste lingering into the finish. Of all of the teas, 3 edges more toward briskness, though it still remains mellow as I brewed it.