Les Enfants de Mord (French Edition)

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Johnny Hallyday. Paris , France. Marnes-la-Coquette , France. Singer-songwriter musician actor. Sylvie Vartan m. Rock and roll pop.

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Vogue Philips Warner Universal. Main article: Johnny Hallyday discography. Le Monde in French. Retrieved 17 October The Independent.

Je ne suis plus esclave de la peur/Frantz Junior Moise/ Cover No Longer Slaves

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Selection limit reached OK. Pour offer a best future for their children. Second, because they were sure they could find work, at least much easier than in Romania. Also for mandatory social coverage here. The 2 families have alternated between 2 "solutions" of housing. A church -which they had to leave because it was about to be demolished- and a car -mercedes vito- with three seats in the front and a bed 2 places in the back. The car is parked at the Sainte Famille church and does not move because it is not assured.

The family of Marius lived more than 3 months each in the car, in the middle of drug addicts and prostitutes.

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They were attacked several times. The car was completely burned next to theirs, which caused them to flee to Laurent Bonnevay. The pistol was fired through the windshield on the driver's side judicial inquiry following the filing of a complaint in progress. We tried several times to get into their car in the middle of the night while they "slept" with the children.

They were threatened several times with the pistol in the presence of the children. The needs were in the next bushes, showers and personal hygiene at the family of Florian 4 metro stops. Stuck like sardines in less than 2 m2, no way to keep food, wash the dishes except for bottles of water bought at the supermarket , no way to cook.

All that while Marius is working legally, he has been doing household for 4 months, and that children are schooling at the school Jean Zay district Gratte-Ciel in Villeurbanne.

Angola: rendre «la dépouille de mon père est un geste fort» (Savimbi fils)

Ileana his companion looking for a job: if you have plans do not hesitate! The children return to school this Monday, September 2. He has a problem in the spine that has lasted 7 years radio and Romanian docs to testify. They are Romanians, so European: "Since 1 January , the transitional measures applied to Bulgarian and Romanian nationals since the accession of their home States have come to an end.

Thus, the Bulgarian or Romanian citizen, like any other citizen of the European Union, under a transitional regime, may work freely in France from that date, must carry a valid identity card or passport and not be required to hold any residence or work permit: he may engage in any economic activity, whether salaried or self-employed except certain public posts and, for the regulated professions, subject to fulfilling the conditions of practice.

What you are asked for: An amount you wish to donate to help create a solidarity fund for them, the time they find housing and stabilize financially. They seek a housing on Lyon or around. For more information: contact me directly on facebook by private message. COM See More. Here are their presentation, history, present and possible future: Their past: They lived with Marius's mother in Romania. They made the choice to come to France in the first place for their children, from the good reputation of French education in Romania, shared by their entourage. To offer a future the best it is to their children.

Second because they were sure to find work, at least much easier than in Romania. Also for mandatory social covers here. The 2 families have alternative between 2 "solutions" of housing. A Church-that they had to leave because it was in the pass of being demolished-and a car-Mercedes Vito-with three seats in the front and a 2-seat bed in the back. The car is parked at the holy family church and does not move it because it is not assured.

Marius's family lived more than 3 months each in the car, in the midst of drug addicts and prostitutes.

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They've been attacked several times. We burned the whole car next to theirs, which made them run away from Laurent Bonnevay.