Helen, or Every Ocean Has Its Sharks (The Misborn, Prequel Book 5)

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I was not. I wanted to read all the comments in this thread before I made my own recommendations, but I definitely planned on including The Magicians! I read some of the first chapter on Amazon, and it looks interesting. It was not. The Homecoming of Samuel Lake by Jenny Wingfield be aware that this book contains animal abuse and sexual assault. Read the book. I would pretty much move in with the protagonists of the Belgariad. About Apache place names and the importance they have in Apache society. Beautifully written.

If you wear mascara, consider waterproof. And make time for a page through after to see if you can find all the bits you missed. Shit starts exploding and never stops.


Frederick George, originally published under the joint pseudonym Stephen J. It seemed like a unique narrative style that made me feel on the edge of my toes the whole time, though I felt the ending was kinda sloppy, like he ran out of steam. Everyone seems to be either HIV positive or pregnant. I read entirely too much series detective fiction. Love Michael Connelly, and P. Innocent Blood, one of her non-series works is about a young woman who learns at 18 on unsealing her adoption records that her parents were convicted of a notorious sex crime.

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She decides she wants to spend her last summer before college getting to know her mother who is about to be parolled. Raymond Chandler is so, so, awesome. His phrasing is really evocative. When J. I finally got around to reading it recently, and I thought it was really great. The characters are really well illustrated, and go towards a theme of how everyone fights private battles. Makes you wish we could all be kinder to each other. What I remember it for is its vividness.

This is why I get so angry at boundary-crossing asshole control freak behaviour. I recommend Guards, Guards, specifically out of the Discworld series.


After Feet of Clay, they should be thoroughly hooked. Awesome, nuanced female protagonists, mysteries, excellent worldbuilding, exciting plots, wonderful inclusion of folklore and mythology. The Book of the Dun Cow is a rather straightforward religious allegory about a rooster defending his flock from evil. I reread it several times a year, and never fail to be in tears by the end.

An alien planet is discovered and a group of Jesuit followers are sent to investigate.

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There are certain parts I disagree with, but the alien cultures are fascinating and truly unique. The Giver by Lois Lowry. Aww, Wangerin is at my alma mater and I still remember when the theater dept did Book of the Dun Cow yon these many years ago. Good Omens is one of my all-time favourite books. A friend gave it to me in high school and my copy is just absolutely destroyed.

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I had no idea The Book of the Dun Cow had a sequel. Christopher Fowler -Peculiar Crimes Unit Mysteries This is actually a series of books centred around two elderly but brilliant yet totally opposite in manners-and-ways partner detectives, Bryant and May and how they scrounge England investigating bizarre murders, utilising regular and unorthodox methods. I heart them and their motley crew so! Ex-Libris by Anne Fadiman My non-fiction pick of the lot! YES to Ex Libris! I recommended it to two friends of mine who had gotten married — a year later, their books are still living on different bookcases in different rooms a year is too soon , but they both liked the book.

I recall someone made a similar or inverse error somewhat recently… I did check the FAQ page. Oh I love Bryant and May! Thank you for reminding me I need to buy my own copy of this.

Read it several times years ago as a library copy, but forgot about it. Octavia Butler.

Each time I reread one of her novels it swallows me whole. She influenced so many authors writing today. The Abhorsen Trilogy, by Garth Nix. The trilogy follows the story of the Abhorsens, a sort of magical defender role taken on by people with the ability to go into Death. So well-written. Laurie Colwin. She wrote novels and essays mostly about food , and her outlook on life was cosy, rich, generous, and brave.

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Her food essays are funny and comforting without being precious, and her novels are deeply endearing. Used bookstores generally have something. Ursula Le Guin. Her worlds are so compelling and intricate and moving. For specific books I would be happy to elaborate. Ostensibly about an obstetrician in pre-Roe v. Magic exists, and coppers must deal with it!

Terrific fun with a POC protagonist, and a delight for any Anglophile. TW: contains scenes of sexual abuse. Stunning prose and use of POV and tense shifts. Have Kleenex! Donna Tartt — The Secret History. An inverted mystery revolving around a group of tight-knit college students. It hits some of the same pleasure centres as V. Andrews did in my youth. Margaret Atwood — Alias Grace. Based on a true 19th-century crime, in which two servants were convicted of a double murder.

Atwood creates a fictional doctor to interact with the female criminal, and the narrative shifts between both points of view. I listened to a fabulously narrated audio book version of The Secret History, and it was fantastic and spellbinding. Highly recommended, but definitely not for everyone. New Zealand young adult author, and I really recommend all her books.

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  7. One thing I really enjoy about her books as an older well, year-old reader is that the adults are fully fleshed out characters. The reason that I in particular recommend Slide the Corner is that it is about a young man who, unlike his academic family, love cars.

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    He takes up racing rally cars, and is really good at it. Now, I am not now nor have I ever been a teenage boy. I have always been the academic kid. I have no interest in cars. Slide the Corner is.