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Consider what risk you can tolerate.

How to Get Your First Job As a Developer Without Any Prior Experience

These kinds of risk have always existed, but idiosyncratic and systematic risk have taken on a new dimension in the modern economy. How you deal with these risks requires a more complex strategy. Picking one of these types of firms or if they pick you is only the first step, and like any investment strategy you also need a plan to manage risk. Irwin argues superstar firms are the job equivalent of growth stocks — they dominate their industries and appear poised for more growth in the future.

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If you are lucky enough to land your first job at a superstar company like Google, Walmart, or Gagosian , it can be a great start to your career. These kinds of jobs are not right for everyone. There is less upside — the best time to join Google was its early days that are long gone.

Superstars have already become large companies, and in order to succeed you must navigate their bureaucracy and politics and avoid becoming pigeon-holed in the same job function. Big superstar firms have lots of leverage over their employees, since they often have a culture where you are supposed to be grateful to work there.

That means it can be harder to gain recognition, be entrepreneurial, and move forward within the firm. A superstar firm today may not be one tomorrow. Another option is going to a start-up, which offers upsides if it is the next Google. Downsides include tremendous idiosyncratic risk — the odds are decent the start-up will fail.

There is also the risk of years in start-ups where you are paid mostly in worthless stock options.

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Start-ups also pose more systematic risk because start-ups need external financing that is dependent on the business cycle. A third option is what Irwin likens to value stocks: companies that are under-valued, perhaps past their heyday, and limping along in the middle of the pack or even on their way down. The advantage of getting hired at these companies is they are more likely to give a young, ambitious person short on credentials a chance.

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    Some Employers Require Experience

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    Settling into your first job — a few tips - Kotak Bank

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    How to get your first job on Wall Street

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