Apocalyptic Tremors : Study the Revelation Like Never Before

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Lord, in this verse means despot, not an evil self-serving despot but a righteous divine despot.

This time He shall be King of Kings. To whom else can man cry for true justice, but to the God of the Bible for he is true holiness and true righteousness, for he knows the heart of every man. The church knows that she cannot seek vengeance for herself. Victory is for every believer who does not surrender hope in the promises of God.

Apocalyptic Tremors - Christian Book by C. R. Chapman

Yes, He will answer them quickly! In the last days those who follow witchcraft shall avenge the Christian for their differences, for their condemnations, and for that which is against their own laws and wishes; but Christ recompenses wrath for unrighteousness, and for that which is against His law. The judgment of God is the manifesto that the courts and governments of this world cannot procure.

The Nature of God is the basis for all judgment. This judgment is not the result of a polluted ecology, but the inescapable result of sin -- sin not as man measures sin, but sin that does not align with the righteousness of God. Judgment is necessary to the establishment of His kingdom, for His kingdom is a kingdom of righteousness.

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The vengeance of God is good and right according to the nature of Almighty God. Paul speaks of this to the Church of Thessalonica who were quite concerned about the Second Coming and the judgment of God. The Lord would have saved the city if he had found ten righteous, but He found not even ten. So in the end time, will God find faith upon the earth? There are, however, various views concerning the order and significance of other eschatological events.

The Book of Revelation is at the core of Christian eschatology. The study of Revelation is usually divided into four interpretative methodologies or hermeneutics. In the Futurist approach, Revelation is treated mostly as unfulfilled prophecy taking place in some yet undetermined future. In the Preterist approach, Revelation is chiefly interpreted as having prophetic fulfillment in the past, principally the events of the first century CE. In the Historicist approach, Revelation provides a broad view of history, and passages in Revelation are identified with major historical people and events.

The Returning King: A Guide to the Book of Revelation

This is view the Jewish scholars held, along with the early Christian church, and it was prevalent in Wycliffe's writings, [10] and other Reformers such as Martin Luther, [11] [12] John Calvin, [13] John Wesley, [14] and Sir Isaac Newton, [15] and many others. In the Idealist approach, the events of Revelation are neither past nor future, but are purely symbolic, dealing with the ongoing struggle and ultimate triumph of good over evil.

Contemporary Hindu eschatology is linked in the Vaishnavite tradition to the figure of Kalki , the tenth and last avatar of Vishnu before the age draws to a close who will reincarnate as Shiva and simultaneously dissolve and regenerate the universe. Most Hindus believe that the current period is the Kali Yuga , the last of four Yuga that make up the current age. Each period has seen successive degeneration in the moral order, to the point that in the Kali Yuga quarrel and hypocrisy are the norm.

In Hinduism, time is cyclic, consisting of cycles or " kalpas ". Each kalpa lasts 4. The cycle of birth , growth , decay , and renewal at the individual level finds its echo in the cosmic order, yet is affected by vagaries of divine intervention in Vaishnavite belief. Some Shaivites hold the view that Shiva is incessantly destroying and creating the world. Islamic eschatology is documented in the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad , regarding the Signs of the Day of Judgement.

The Prophet's sayings on the subject have been traditionally divided into Major and Minor Signs. He spoke about several Minor Signs of the approach of the Day of Judgment, including:. Regarding the Major Signs, a Companion of the Prophet narrated: "Once we were sitting together and talking amongst ourselves when the Prophet appeared. He asked us what it was we were discussing. We said it was the Day of Judgment. He said: 'It will not be called until ten signs have appeared: Smoke, Dajjal the Antichrist , the creature that will wound the people , the rising of the sun in the West, the Second Coming of Jesus , the emergence of Gog and Magog , and three sinkings or cavings in of the earth : one in the East, another in the West and a third in the Arabian Peninsula.

Jewish eschatology is concerned with events that will happen in the end of days , according to the Hebrew Bible and Jewish thought.

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This includes the ingathering of the exiled diaspora , the coming of the Jewish Messiah , afterlife , and the revival of the dead Tzadikim. The idea of a messianic age has a prominent place in Jewish thought and is incorporated as part of the end of days. Judaism addresses the end times in the Book of Daniel and numerous other prophetic passages in the Hebrew scriptures, and also in the Talmud , particularly Tractate Avodah Zarah.

Frashokereti is the Zoroastrian doctrine of a final renovation of the universe when evil will be destroyed, and everything else will then be in perfect unity with God Ahura Mazda. The doctrinal premises are 1 good will eventually prevail over evil; 2 creation was initially perfectly good, but was subsequently corrupted by evil; 3 the world will ultimately be restored to the perfection it had at the time of creation; 4 the "salvation for the individual depended on the sum of [that person's] thoughts, words and deeds, and there could be no intervention, whether compassionate or capricious, by any divine being to alter this.

Researchers in futures studies and transhumanists investigate how the accelerating rate of scientific progress may lead to a " technological singularity " in the future that would profoundly and unpredictably change the course of human history, and result in Homo sapiens no longer being the dominant life form on Earth. Occasionally the term "physical eschatology" is applied to the long-term predictions of astrophysics. Life on Earth will become impossible due to a rise in temperature long before the planet is actually swallowed up by the Sun.

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Maitreya Three Ages. Olivet Discourse Sheep and Goats. Four Horsemen Antichrist. Historicism Futurism. Second Coming Islamic eschatology.

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University of Minnesota neuroscientist Shmuel Lissek , who studies the fear system, believes that at its heart, the concept of doomsday evokes an innate and ancient bias in most mammals. Over evolutionary history, organisms with a better-safe-than-sorry approach survive.

This mechanism has had consequences for both the body and brain, where the fast-acting amygdala can activate a fearful stress response before "higher" cortical areas have a chance to assess the situation and respond more rationally. But why would anyone enjoy kindling this fearful response? Lissek suspects that some apocalyptic believers find the idea that the end is nigh to be validating. Individuals with a history of traumatic experiences, for example, may be fatalistic.

For these people, finding a group of like-minded fatalists is reassuring. There may also be comfort in being able to attribute doom to some larger cosmic order—such as an ancient Mayan prophecy. This kind of mythology removes any sense of individual responsibility. Lissek, in collaboration with National Institute of Mental Health neuroscientist Christian Grillon and colleagues, has found that when an unpleasant or painful experience, such as an electric shock, is predictable, we relax.

The anxiety produced by uncertainty is gone. Knowing when the end will come doesn't appeal equally to everyone, of course—but for many of us it's paradoxically a reason to stop worrying. This also means people can focus on preparing. Doomsday preppers who assemble their bunker and canned food, Lissek believes, are engaged in goal-oriented behaviors, which are a proven therapy in times of trouble. Beyond the universal aspects of fear and our survival response to it, certain personality traits may make individuals more susceptible to believing it's the end of the world.

Social psychologist Karen Douglas at the University of Kent studies conspiracy theorists and suspects that her study subjects, in some cases, share attributes with those who believe in an impending apocalypse.